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Random Favourites

Image and video hosting by TinyPic by the awesome Adelish
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Now a lil corner for my besties

:iconfeisty-feline: Labrat, AKA Abra have been friends for such a long time now... It is like 3 years ago already, on youtube. We first chatted with eachother in the channel comments, but later she got deviantart and we had even more fun. She is my mega bestie forever and nothing will change that.
She's got so many cute pets. Mofat and Libby the cats, and Maddie the Jack Russel. Gotta love those cute petsies, especially Libby, I somehow have an obsession with that cat. Abbie improved with her art from cool to friggin AMAZING within one and a half year, probably the quickest improvement I've ever seen. She is even better than me when it comes to digital art. I can't even shade properly or go without lineart XD She has the best cat fursona ever and is just amazing in every possible way^^

:iconpeachwolfie: I met Wolfie a not too long time ago. She's all font of dogs and Ginga, that awesome anime I love too. I met her in real life a few times and she's a really good friend! We'll see eachother IRl a lot more. She can draw friggi awesome realistic dogs and wolves *something I could only dream of* and her ginga style is just perfecto. She has a über adorable dog named Rambo and can name ANY breed, while I am like "Whut does that dog exist?" We sometimes play a dog guessing game and she always wins and I'm such a fail XD Still one of my besties forever. Also her back garden is full of gnomes. Gnomes are awesome.

:iconshibasnowynatural: God just grabbed a brain and divided it into two part. He just put one half in my head and the other one in Shiba's. Seriously, we have so much in common we can even read thoughts sometimes. She is probably the best artist I know *le idollize*, Seriously she can capture ANY. POSSIBLE. STYLE. PERFECTLY. within 3 or 4 drawings and just continue referenceless and no one just even sees a difference. TALENT WAAH. She plays the piano friggin good, hence some of the ALO background musics are preformed by her. And just like me she loves HTTYD, MLP, Ginga and BOLT :squee: And she's from Germany, one of my favourite countries in the world :D

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Nava Fan Stamp by BoltyRandomSkylanders: Drobot Stamp by RadSpyroAleu Stamp by StampAGDerpy Hooves Stamp by jewlechoAnti-Taxidermy Stamp by smileystampsVinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlechoWocky Love Stamp by carrehzI love my scars stamp by ohhperttylightsWolf Lover, Stamp by JazzaXI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Black Mambas by WishmasterAlchemistShe Wolf Stamp by devils-horizonI Believe in Thylacines by Rhabwar-Troll-stockInsane Stamp by Shelly-oneechanDon't judge by faithandfreedomBolt Stamp by SaphireTheFortunateI love Wolverines by WishmasterAlchemistI love Dobermans by WishmasterAlchemistGerman Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudratSaluki Love Stamp by cloudratNight Fury by QuidxProxQuoBurn Energy Drink Stamp by SmackthatpictureSteampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoisesBernd das Brot - Stamp by RabbiataLeft Handed and Proud by EternalSilverSakuraPhobia Stamp by SpikytasticDiscord Stamp by jewlechoI love St. Bernards by WishmasterAlchemistStamp - I love tabby cats by AmyJSmylieKyoushiro Stamp by DragonKeeper7I love Deer by WishmasterAlchemistHobbit stamp by purgatoriI love lupes by elitist-princetteNot Wolfaboo by ShadowXEyenoomRavens Stamp by sequelle
All Stamps belong to their owners :dummy:
Awesome ID by Mimi-fox

▄▄▄▄▄██████████████▀ spread the FailWhale


Hai! I'm Lynn^^
I am a very random artist who likes to draw animals, especially wolves, hyena's, dragons, MLPony's and Neopets. I am the biggest fan of Nava:iconnavawolfplz: ever. He's always been my holy lord of awesomeness, and is the biggest inspiration for me <3 And he also unlocked my love for wolves. I've got a HUGE wolf collection, and I keep collecting more and more. Other characters I really like are Derpy Hooves and Drobot^^
I am a proud Christian and do believe in Jesus and God. Have a problem with that?
I am currently working on my animation series called All Lone Ones :iconallloneones:, about Wolves, and cats, and some other random animals XD
And for those who think I'm a wolfaboo, yes, I do love wolves and maybe a bit too much, but wolfaboos are those OVERLY obsessed peeps who value wolves over everything. I highly value wolves, but I think each other animals life *like also snake, spider, human or whatever* life is of the same value. I may love wolves the most but that doesn't mean that their lives are any more valuable than other creaturesl ives. And yes, I am aware of the fact that my chars have hair and unrealistic markings. THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM SPARKLEDOGS. Oney and Lynnzl don't have glitter on them an colors that... are a kinda possible on wolves. They're just simplified. That doesn't make them those random sparkledogs marysue wolfaboo OCs, mkay. So go ahead and call me one. Just look at me not giving a single buck. :iconwolfaboosplz:
My favourite movies are How to train your dragon, Bolt, The secret of NIMH, Treasure Planet, Lord of the Rings and Balto 2 (how surprising)
Commisions are open
My BFF is :iconfeisty-feline:
I believe in the excistance of Jelly World(deal with it), and am very addicted to a game called Cellblock on Neopets. I am 56% insane, so don't blame me for my insanity.
I hate monkeys. And 1D. And JB. And Taxidermy.

BoltyRandom's request by ToWanderA star dies, and another is born by ToWanderYoung and strong by ToWander~Lynn Without Eye~ by Pinkiewolf~Lynn Again~ by PinkiewolfLUNN by Mimi-foxLunn and Nava by Mimi-foxLunn by Mimi-foxRQ Nava and Lynn by ShibaSnowyNatural The Red Fire's Dance ::AT:: by NaheskaAbbie and Lynn by PinkiewolfLynn by PinkiewolfLynn and Abra ~ Best Friends by PinkiewolfLynn by cookiefurChibi Lynn and Abbie by Feisty-FelineA One-eye Full of Hearts by Feisty-FelineYoutuber Banner and Facebook Cover by Feisty-FelineLynn~In Cave by PinkiewolfEpic Silkey by Feisty-FelineGift by Celes PLEASE DO NOT FAVE by BoltyRandomHe's gonna attack Nava! ~ The Story Of Abbie by PinkiewolfLynn Is Angry by ShibaSnowyNaturalLynn - B-day present for Bolty by Echosky11~Lynn and Abbie at Sundown~ by PinkiewolfLynn from ALL LONE ONES by timtam224Lynn's Cute Face by PinkiewolfWindy Blue Skies by Feisty-FelineLynn Eye Glow by Feisty-FelineHappy early birthday lynn by PeachWolfieAbbie and Lynn are 20% Cooler by Feisty-Feline~Kitty Crash Landing~ by Feisty-FelineRiata by Mimi-fox~Never Forget That Site~ by Feisty-FelineSunfur by Mimi-foxPhotoshop Lynn by Feisty-FelineLynn~REQUEST~ by Aliooper2000ALO poster for Lynn by SpiritsNo1FanEverBoltyRandom REQUEST-LYNN AND BLITZ (DARK GUARDIAN) by KITRAMIts For The Best ~[BTF]~ by Feisty-FelineA Cute Assassin?! by XxEclipse-WulfxXLynn With No Lineart by Feisty-FelineMore Lynn With No Lineart by Feisty-FelineFull Body Lynn With No Lines by Feisty-FelineHeadshot Request- One Eye by Strike-MockingjayI Miss You Daddy by Feisty-FelineAll Lone Ones Cover by ShibaSnowyNaturalLynn Fanart by JordanTheBlueFluffOney hhhh by FatCorgiOnyxTravelling with Lynn by Feisty-Feline~I Will Always Love You~ by Feisty-FelineColors All Around by Feisty-FelineOne-Eye from ALL LONE ONES by timtam224One-eye Icon by RocketeerNinjaOney and lynn sketch by ShibaSnowyNaturalHyper Lynn by iCelestieALL HAIL ONE-EYE by Feisty-FelineCharly by Mimi-foxBirthday One Eye by ShibaSnowyNaturalTake me with you by Feisty-FelineHaxisXLynn by Tailzy24MLP Fluffy - Thundershot by VeryOldBrony:Iron Artist #15 - BoltyRandom by KirikoSoulArt Trade.  : Thundershot by MennorinoALO thing by ShibaSnowyNaturalOne-eye by Mimi-foxIron Artist Commission ~ One-eye by fluffylovey

Favourite genre of music: Metalcore, electronicore
Favourite cartoon character: NAVA and Derpy
Personal Quote: Have too many
Favourite food: Muntdrop/KROKETTOS
Favourite books: Warriors, Call of the Wild, White Fang, Harry Potter, the Wolf Chronicles.
Languages: Dutch, pretty good English and a bit German.
Drawing Programs: Mainly MS Paint, GIMP, Adobe Elements 11.

Journal History

Yep, I'm opening these again! Your character can star in All Lone Ones, my online webseries. Just follow the rules below.


-NO PURPLE CHARS. This means no chars with the color purple whatsoever. ALO is made with chroma keying, where the purple parts are invisible, so any character having purple markings will get invisible.

-2 DEVIANTARTPOINTS SHALL BE DONATED I'm running low on points so I decided to make it cheap. It's 2 points per char, 1 per additional char. You don't have to donate until your character appeared, since it can take up to a year or even more for he/she/it to actually make an appearence on the show. 

-NO WINGED CANINES (with exeption for Shiba) These wings are suposed to be a rarity.

-NO SPARKLEDOGS I'm sick of mary sues. I'm fine with some unusual colors here and there, but the character should have at least 1 or 2 natural colors. 

-BY GIVING ME YOUR CHARACTER YOU GIVE ME THE RIGHT TO ALTER IT'S APPEARENCE FOR THE SHOW No, don't worry, I won't change your entire char. It's just that some chars are too colorful or have to complicated markings. This will be simplified.

-NO WHITE/BLACK WOLVES WITH BLUE EYES If you are familiar even the slightest bit with online wolf series, you know that there are SO. MANY. peeps out there who make their protagonist a white wolf with blue eyes. There is a series called "The White Wolf with the Blue Eyes.", and Ruuza or Azurehowl is white with blue eyes as well. I want to keep ALO a bit original at least, so no white with blue. No black with blue eighter because I already have like 20 OC's with this.

-It can only be a lynx, cougar, wolf, dog, fox, wolfdog, falon, bunny, eagle, raven or cat. These are the animals the series focusus on

-FERAL ONLY, NO ANTRHO Don't give me a furry ref telling me to make it feral, the ref material should be feral already.

-A PROPER REF IS REQUIRED This means a full body picture of the char. A head portrait or a description won't do. I need an entire body pic ref, like this:
Dexter by BoltyRandomAlso, please use no 3D models, like Arokai or Feralheart for me to reference from. This is hard to use the colorpicking tool on. 

And that's all^^ This is open for like forever, so go ahead and submit those chars^^

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