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:bulletblue:Female:bulletblue:Single:bulletblue:Dutchy:bulletblue:Catholic:bulletblue:Writer:bulletblue:Fantasy fan:bulletblue:Love reading and stoofvlees:bulletblue:
I love lupes by pretty-princetteAnti-Taxidermy Stamp by smileystampsWolf Lover, Stamp by JazzaXI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Black Mambas by WishmasterAlchemistBolt Stamp by verybluebirdI love Wolverines by WishmasterAlchemistI love Dobermans by WishmasterAlchemistSaluki Love Stamp by cloudratNight Fury by QuidxProxQuoBurn Energy Drink Stamp by SmackthatpictureSteampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoisesBernd das Brot - Stamp by RabbiataLeft Handed and Proud by EternalSilverSakuraPhobia Stamp by SpikytasticStamp - I love tabby cats by AmyJSmylieKyoushiro Stamp by IgniteTheBlazeI love Deer by WishmasterAlchemistRavens Stamp by sequelleResponsible Hunting - Stamp 02 by vonStamps
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ID by me, icon by FrostClaw140

Heya, name's Lynnzl. Whatcha wanna know? Eh, I'm a 17 years old thylacine-obsessed, slightly tomboy-ish girl who wastes most of her time animating and writing.
I really love nature, especially forests and mountains, and it's also where I get a lot of my inspiration. Another big source of inspiration for me is animals, especially the strange ones.
My favourite animals are thylacines, deer, and hyenas. I used to be obsessed with wolves, but that faded away. I still draw them a lot, though, since it's a bit odd to suddenly turn your wolf characters into another species.
I'm working on my own not-so-pro series called All Lone Ones :iconallloneones:, feel free to check it out.
Huge fan of the movies Treasure Planet, Secret of NIMH and all LOTR ones. My favourite bands are Abandon All Ships and Enter Shikari, and I love just too many books to mention.
I hope you enjoy my art, and feel free to hang around or leave a comment! (except if you come here to thanks me for favs. Leave instantly, thanks.)

Featured art of my characters:
Bookmark Commission by keyaceLynn [art trade] by MagickyMuffinLynnzl and Oney - Art Trade by Feisty-FelineLynn Thyclaine by FatCorgiOnyxIron Artist Commission ~ One-eye by fluffyloveyTelling Stories from a Long Journey - Art Trade by Kiwano0

Favourite genre of music: Metalcore, electronicore
Favourite characters: Nava, Fluttershy, Gollum and Frida.
Personal Quote: "What the barbequesauce?"
Favourite food: Kroketto or stoofvlees
Favourite books: Warriors, Call of the Wild, White Fang, Harry Potter, the Wolf Chronicles.
Languages: Dutch, pretty good English and a bit German.
Drawing Programs: Mainly MS Paint and Adobe Elements 11.

Journal History

Decided to put it in journal format from now on since redoing the entire pic for commissions constantly drove me mad. So here is my renewed commission info! These will be open for like...forever. I only take points, no other currency. (well, a trade at most).
Please follow each step to get the optimal result for both you and me :)

Step 1: Pick a commission

MS Paint Basic Character
A basic illustration of your character done in MS Paint (no shading or background). 
20 :points: 
+ 5 :points:  per additional character.
Kaala by BoltyRandomWhat is it, miss Jones? by BoltyRandomWhy hello there! by BoltyRandomDexter by BoltyRandom

Adobe Elements Basic Character

Also a basic illustration of your character, but done in Adobe Elements (has a tendency to turn out better than in Paint.) I'll give you both a shaded and unshaded version. Background is transparent.
40 :points:
+ 10 :points: per additional character.
I may be gone, but I'm still here by BoltyRandomItlashade by BoltyRandomMo the leucistic by BoltyRandomIb by BoltyRandomJackgeorge by BoltyRandom

Character Badge
A badge of a headshot of your character with the character's name on it. Background is transparent.
30 :points:
+ 20 :points: per additional character.
Ilryn Badge by BoltyRandomTatseka Badge by BoltyRandomVati Badge by BoltyRandomKimitranspar by BoltyRandom

Adobe Elements Headshot
A basic headshot of your character done in Adobe Elements. Will not be shaded. Background is transparent.
40 :points:
+ 30 :points: per additional character.
Rose- Commish by BoltyRandomOne-eye Wolverson by BoltyRandomCOMM Takishko by BoltyRandomThe outcast by BoltyRandom

Full MS Paint drawing
A drawing of your character(s) done in MS Paint entirely, with either a simple background drawn by me, a full color background or a picture used as one. 
50 :points:
+ 15 :points: per additional character.
+ 10 :points: for a simple drawn background. (if these points are not paid, I naturally assume that you want me to do a full color or photo background. Please tell me which one of these you'd like, or else I'll take a gamble!)
+ 5 :points: for some minor lighting effects done in Adobe Elements.
+ 2 :points: for simple shading.

All Lone Ones Official New poster 2015 by BoltyRandomAaww by BoltyRandomWe'll be ugly but victorious , they pretty cowards by BoltyRandomI... I'm leaving by BoltyRandomPresent and past by BoltyRandomSimply having a wonderful Christmas time by BoltyRandomAll Lone Ones Official S1 poster 2014 by BoltyRandomHello, KING Altador by BoltyRandom

Adobe Elements Full Drawing
A full drawing of your character(s) done in Adobe Elements. Background will either be a simple background drawn by me, a picture made by me or a full color. Shading will be done for free here.
90 :points:
+ 20 :points: per additional character:
+ 10 :points: for a simple drawn background. 
Kaala, the Moon Wolf by BoltyRandomA stroll in the Eastern Woods by BoltyRandomStarlight by BoltyRandomMy walking stick is held together by Duck Tape. by BoltyRandomGinga Densetsu Weed Screenshot Redraw by BoltyRandomFree soul by BoltyRandomNothing but a burden now... by BoltyRandomWild jackalope by BoltyRandomCover by BoltyRandomTorell attack by BoltyRandom

Simple Sketch 
A basic, uncolored sketch of your character done in Adobe Elements that you can either color yourself or leave as it is. Background is white or transparent. Please specify. I'll send the PDF file to the commissioner so they can color it.
7 :points: 
+ 3 :points: per additional character.
The Hunchback of Notre Spam by BoltyRandomKing Altador rough pose + head angles concept art by BoltyRandomColors by BoltyRandom

Traditional Art.
A hand-drawn piece of art done on paper and scanned into my computer. Since I'm better at hand-drawn stuff, these have a tendency to come out better than either Elements or MS Paint characters. I won't color them, but the commissioner is free to trace/alter/color the scanned version as they like.
12 :points:
+ 8 :points: per additional character.
Der Lynnzl by BoltyRandomUntitled by BoltyRandomSouthern Hirvet by BoltyRandomThe old leader by BoltyRandomUntitled by BoltyRandom

Reference Sheets.
Always needed a ref of your character? I'll draw it! Or redraw it. Whatever you like. Just provide me with a clear digital picture of a character and a description of all details you'd like to be adressed, and I'll do it! The background will be a (pale) picture I took. Please specify what font you'd like.
100 :points:
+ 5 :points: per "detail drawing".
(a detail of your character you want shown, such as an eye, head closeup or an accesoire)
Iddeb Ref Sheet Ver 1.0 by BoltyRandomOne-eye Ref ver 1.0 by BoltyRandomYake Ref by BoltyRandomMorfran Ref by BoltyRandom

Very similar to reference sheets, but much simpler and more basic. It just goes down to the very basics of the character (so no backstories or smaller details) and has plain white backgrounds.
50 :points: (This includes both sides of the character, a headshot and some additional information you'd like to be present.)
One-eye Quickref by BoltyRandomLynn Quickref by BoltyRandomAph by BoltyRandom

Journal Doll.
Just a basic pixel journal doll. Comes standard with a bobbing animation. Additional animations are also aviable for a few extra points. Please specify what you want. Size will vary, but it's always about the same as the examples.
30 :points:
+ 5 :points: per additional movement (choices are: eye blink, ear twitch of small tail movement)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

"Fiveshaded" MS Paint drawing.
A headshot of a character done in MS Paint using a shading technique I call "Fiveshading" (don't ask me about the origins). It's basically many color tones that make the shading look much better than the average. Prices are maybe a bit high, but keep in mind that this shading technique can take up to a few days to do.
120 :points:
+ 20 :points: for a detailed character (the examples shown below count as undetailed characters).
Schutzhund Wolfie by BoltyRandomRadioactive by BoltyRandom

Character design.
Do you want an OC but have no idea on how to design it? I'll do it for ya! Just specify what kind of creature you want and any details you like (such as a certain eye color, an accesoire, gender, colors or maybe a specific marking) and we're done. I'll provide you with a basic design on a white background, and maybe some other information as well. If something isn't to your liking, you can ask me to adjust it or change whatever you like about the design. I'll admit here that I'm better at doing natural-colored designs than really colorful ones, but I can give it a shot! I won't design fan-characters of any franchise!
20 :points:
+ 15 :points: per additional design
Newoney by BoltyRandomLeonidas by BoltyRandomArrow by BoltyRandomHavran by BoltyRandomLightning by BoltyRandomBingo by BoltyRandomSaedin by BoltyRandomLex by BoltyRandomBanner by BoltyRandom

Your character in All Lone Ones (my amateur series).
All Lone Ones is a side project I've been doing past few years and I'll be finishing it. It's a basic amateur YouTube animation about an old wolf trying to get a normal life after spending the majority of his as a lunatic, while also looking after a pup.
    The series has many scenes with background characters in it, so, if your character meets certain requirements, I'll be able to put them in an episode. For more information, please refer yourself to this journal and commission a figurant role there: Your character in an animated series?
Please be sure to watch some episodes of All Lone Ones before commissioning, to make sure that you know what quality you can expect. It's an amateur series, remember, so don't expect a Disney-like quality.

Step 2: Check my do's and don't's:

Even though I'd love to forfill all commission wishes, my artistic abilities only go so far, and of course there's a few other things I won't draw. So have a look at this before telling me what you'd like:

Stuff I DO: 
:bulletblue: Canines
:bulletblue: Thylacines
:bulletblue: Felines 
:bulletblue: Hyenas 
:bulletblue: Deer
:bulletblue: Wolverines
:bulletblue: Most other animals, ask me about this
:bulletblue: Dragons (still practicing those. Includes Night Furies, but no other HTTYD-species.)
:bulletblue: My Little Pony (G4 only)
:bulletblue: Neopets/Pokémon (the more mammal-like ones, mostly)
:bulletblue: SEMI-anthro art. (normal animals standing on their hind legs, with very midly adjusted animal anatomy.)

And more, just ask...

Stuff I DON'T do:
:bulletred: Humans (sorry, but I'm still a noob on these)
:bulletred: Characters that are not yours (I don't care if they belong to your bestie, crush or the king of Persia, I won't draw chars that aren't yours.)
:bulletred: Sexual themes 
:bulletred: Anthros/furries
:bulletred: Anything I concider possibly offending
:bulletred: Animations besides journal dolls and certain ALO appearences.
:bulletred: Fish and insects
:bulletred: Vore 
:bulletred: Overly detailed backrounds. I just stick to the basics.

Step 3: Pick a Drawing Style!

I'm not one of these people to pick one drawing style. So, if you want to commish me a character that's not a fan character from a pre-existing franchise (such as MLP or Pokémon, in which case I'll draw in a style a bit closer to theirs), go ahead and pick a drawing style you'd like!

1. Cartoon- FREE!
My personal favourite and the one I'm most experienced at. It's pretty plain and simple.
We'll be ugly but victorious , they pretty cowards by BoltyRandomRiata the fast by BoltyRandomSilkey by BoltyRandom

2. Cartoon Realsim- FREE!
The bigger brother of our cartoon style, that has just a few more realistic elements to it. Still not very complicated, but has more details and is anatomically more correct. 
Dorks by BoltyRandomTayarr Badge by BoltyRandomRose- Commish by BoltyRandomNothing but a burden now... by BoltyRandom

3. closer-to-realism- 5 :points:
A more complicated style than it's smaller cousins. This one will be referenced much more on real photo's/animals/etc. Since it will take some time to get into working more realistic, I usually do a few studies, hence the few more points. (I'm will send these studies to the commissioner as well if wished for). Even if drawing fantasy creatures, I will still need to reference from existing ones to draw them the best that I can.
Free soul by BoltyRandomWild jackalope by BoltyRandomThe outcast by BoltyRandom

Step 4: Some other guidelines

  • Even if you follow all rules, I do have the right to decline a commission request, even if no reason give (though I mostly will, don't worry)
  • I require a good reference sheet of your character. No traditional drawings or 3D models! No shading is also preferred.
  • I won't start your commission until paid.
  • If you already commissioned me, but it turns out I'm unable to finish your commission, I'll give you a refund.
  • Whether commissions are open or closed is in the title of this journal.
  • Please be clear on what kind of commission you want. Just tell me the title I gave it and we're good.
  • How long the commission takes depends on how busy I am and how complicated it is. If I haven't finished it within 2 weeks, I'll give you an update as to why it's taking so long.

Step 5: Commission me!

Go over to these comments and...yeah...tell me what you'd like, if you want something. Please specify as much as possible what you'd like, but if you really insist, I can use my artistic liberties I guess. Want something that wasn't on this journal? Ask me, we'll be able to figure something out and attach a fair price to it. 

Thanks a lot!

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